Problem Solved: WordPress Fatal error Out of memory allocated (1and1)

After some weeks of being unable to upgrade one of my WordPress blogs using the automatic update, I was finally able to find a solution. If you are trying to upgrade to WordPress 3.2.1, using the automatic update and 1and1 is hosting your blog, then you should try the following (make sure you have tried doing the update after disabling all your plugins first):

1. Open your text editor and copy the following code:


2. Save your file as: php.ini

3. Upload (FTP) to: the root directory of your blog (exactly where your wordpress blog lives)

4. Upload (FTP) again to: wp-admin (for example: wp-admin/php.ini)

5. You’re done! Try the automatic upgrade again and hopefully it will work this time.

There is a simpler method to try to get this working but it DID NOT work for me, but apparently worked for others:

1. Add this to your wp-config.php file:

define ('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' );

2. Try the automatic upgrade again


  1. says

    I was trying to install wordpress 3.2, but getting the this Fatal error. I used the above given method of php.ini file helped me in getting rid of this error. Now my blog is working fine.
    Thanks a lot for this tutorial.

  2. says

    I’m on and after about 10 different tries, this is what worked for me – having the php.ini file in both places. Thanks!!!!

  3. says

    Thanks a lot !
    I was unable to upload image and had all the time the “Fatal error: Out of memory” before doing your tip.
    I’m on 1and1 and problem appeared after installing simple-press plugin.
    Now everything works fine :)

  4. says

    very much.

    the wp update finally worked

    The visual option of the editor, doesnt work, can you help me ?

    best regards


  5. says

    after trying various solutions and googling for several hours, finally the solution I was very useful to solve the damn error “Fatal Error Out of Memory” in WordPress.
    Thanks a lot !

  6. mloddf says

    Thanks for your posting. This was a kind of similar to other solutions I found. But all of them, also your post, didn’t work for me. I also changed the wp-config.php.
    I took over the administration of a WP 2.9.1 and tried to update to 3.4.1. So I think I have to update manually.
    Maybe the 1and1-hosting packet is too old and does not allow extending the memory.

  7. andrew says

    Well, I can’t tell so much if it worked or not (adding a php.ini in both directories) because it dropped the upload max from 8MB down to 2MB and none of my images are smaller than 2MB.

    Previously, without the php.ini files, I could get small images to upload and work properly.


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