The Best Secured Credit Cards

These are 6 great secured credit cards for establishing or re-establishing credit (all cards report to the 3 credit bureaus). This list includes two cards by credit unions. A lot of credit unions offer great benefits to their members like no annual fees, low APR’s and more personalized service. If you have been denied by […]

iMac (Late 2009) Hard Drive Replacement

Your iMac is slow, frequently freezing over a short period of time. The spinning beach ball of death! You know something’s going on and sure enough, your computer dies and you find out you need a new hard drive! There used to be a time when buying an Apple computer meant having a working computer […]

PayPal Smart Connect Review

I applied for the Paypal Mastercard a few days ago, but was approved for the PayPal Smart Connect line of credit instead. My credit is not that great, but I’ve been able to gradually bring my scores up with the aid of two secured cards (CapOne and BOA). I’ve been approved for an Ally Auto […]

Bank of America Secured Credit Card Review – Credit Diary Part III

After my credit score had not improved in months, I realized that the only credit card on my report was not going to be enough. I needed a second credit card with a higher limit to help boost my scores. Since I was in the process of rebuilding, my chances of getting a prime unsecured […]